5 Best Supplements for Womens Over 70

Go with the f low This is a decade in which to reintroduce supplements you may have taken previously. Keep taking the basics and add some of these interesting extras to the mix. »Zinc Start taking this again, 50mg a day, to improve your sense of smell. Older women may feel disinclined to cook or eat well, which can be because they can’t smell food as well.

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Zinc can help to improve your sense of smell and, in turn, your appetite. Panax ginseng This is a fantastic energy booster for women in this age group, as it can be overstimulating when you’re younger.

It’s believed to build stamina, the immune system, libido and energy, but should be avoided if you have high blood pressure. And to soothe you, try the Australian Bush Flower Essence Wild Potato Bush to stop you getting frustrated with your physical limitations and help you go with the flow.

How much should I be paying for supplements?

You get what you pay for, so stick to reliable, wellresearched brands.

Can I take supplements alongside prescribed medication?

It depends. St John’s wort can reduce the effectiveness of some medicines, while vitamin E and ginkgo biloba can thin the blood. Always check with your GP. How long will I have to take supplements for before I notice a difference?

To improve a particular symptom, my rule of thumb is one month for every year you have suffered from it. B vitamins, vitamin C and iron often prove beneficial in just a few days. When is the best time to take supplements?

Generally, with breakfast. The exceptions include calcium and magnesium, which help to relax the body in the evening, and zinc, which should also be taken just before bed.

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