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Once over the river you enter the Concetto de Negreira. Turn Left over the bridge passing the Capilla de San Bias and just beyond it a fine cruceiro [150m] Veer Left [150m] onto track that enters oak woods and passes under the arch of the road bridge (Puente Nuevo) [600m]. After [100m] veer Left on track (Don’t take the track up to the main road on your right). The path meander through crop fields to rejoin the road by car showrooms [600m]. Continue through Barca and turn off up Left at next junction [600m] (signposted A Chancela / Logrosa) for [900m] into: 3.2 km CHANCELA (de Abaixo) Pass the crenelated walls of the 14th c.

Pazo (left). Here legend tells of the two servants of the master of this Manor House. While the master was away fighting the Moors his son, in the safekeeping of his nurse, drowned in the waters of the ho Tambre. On his return, tin master demanded the nurse be beheaded. At the moment the axe fell, her hits band also knelt with her and both were decapitated together. They were buried amongst the Pine trees. It is said that the sighing of the pines here reflects their last embrace. This story is also reminiscent of the theme in the Gallic nationa anthem known as Os pinos (the Pines). It calls on the Gal egos to awaken and listen to the murmuring pines which is none other than the voice of the ancestors calling on the people to throw off the yoke of oppression and walk to freedom.

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Continue cheerfully (!) onwards for [700m] to rejoin main road into Negreira (The Hotel Tamara is 200 metres up to your (right) on the opposite side of tin road. If you are staying the night in Negreira this is a good option.) The towr centre is another [300m] left over the Arroyo de Duomes (tributary of the ric Tambre). Proceed past the modern statues (medieval pilgrim and the Galiciai woman with cows). The latter sculpture replaces a poignant bronze statue of ai emigre leaving his home to seek work in the New World (now relocated as yoi leave the town). All reflect the continuing emigration, particularly ofmenffron Galicia. Interestingly, some have returned to Galicia with their foreign spouses English is therefore understood in some of the smaller villages (unlike on tin Camino Frances). Indeed the owner of one of the bars in Negreira (Bar Impe rial) is an Englishman who married a local Galician! Continue up the Avenid; de Santiago to:

1.0 km NEGREIRA Central crossroads and the Hospedaje (hostal) Mezquito. The Camino continues down to the Left signposted Urdilde. It is now only 900m to the new albergue. (If you intend staying in the town there are several possibilities. Hotel Tamara (Tel: 981 – 885 201) 14 en-suite. Hostal

Mezquito 15 with hip bath. A rather less appealing option is to hoof it out to the modern sport complex Polideportivo 2 km out of town on the road to Covas / Barcala. A hard floor awaits but there are ample toilets and showers. Check with the Cone ello, adjacent to the central crossroads, to ensure it is open/ keys).

To continue to the albergue (from the crossroads Hostal Mezquito) the Camino continues down to the Left (signposted Urdilde) via the C/ San Mauro. Out under the crenelated archway that connects the Capela de San Mauro (right) and the pazo de Coton (left). This manor house was occupied by the illustrious Counts of Altamira. In the 15th c. their power extended over the whole of this area to the walls of Santiago itself. Their main seat was Castelo Altamira. now in ruins (located off the camifw 2 km from Transmonte. See page 29 for details).

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