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Secret stairs leading to sub-basement.

The second level was special to Harry. Story has it that at least two people, a former mistress and a gentleman by the name of Charlie were murdered here. In fact the main area is referred to as Charlie’s Chamber. We couldn’t find any proof of that happening. In fact, our research pulled up little information about people who visited and what actually went on there. This was, after all, Harry’s private sanctuary.

To the left in Charlie’s Chamber is a tunnel that leads to the lake. Now it is blocked off, but Harry planned to use it as an escape route to reach his boat if necessary.

Bennett’s Lodge has several tunnels and secret passageway’s according to Scott.

One more very important aspect of this secret sub level is connected to Harry’s pool. Frequently, when inviting friends over, especially the ladies, he wouldn’t mention the pool. They would come to visit during hot summer days, without bathing suits. That wasn’t a problem. Nasty Harry would tell the ladies the men would spend the day in the woods hunting and they could swim without suits.

What didn’t nasty Harry tell the women? Harry and his friends would actually sneak into this level of the basement. He had a one-way mirror installed between the basement wall and pool. While the women were swimming, nasty Harry and his buddies would be drinking, smoking cigars and enjoying the view. Several prominent women stayed at the Bennett Lodge. One such guest was actress and Olympic swimmer, Esther Williams. We wonder if she ever used the pool.

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