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Some forests and parks also allow visitors to ! Virginia camp wherever they wish. Here your tentsite j could be any suitable open area where others have I obviously camped in the past, or it might be a more pristine place that shows no signs of previ-S ous use.

Finding an appropriate campsite on your own can be a simple task or a challenge, depending on the terrain, amount of vegetation, and also availability of water. Potential campsites may be abundant in a relatively flat, unrocky region, whereas good sites will be more scarce in steep, mountainous terrain.

Requirements For a Campsite The most fundamental requirement for a good campsite is a relatively flat area of ground which is largely free of rocks, bumps, and other obstacles. If necessary it’s possible to camp on a slight incline, but the more level the better. You’ll sleep best on a reasonably flat surface.

It’s also desirable, whenever possible, to be close to a spring, stream, river, pond, or lake in order to meet your needs for water. Most of us, of course, are quite attracted to water in a natural setting. Such places are often especially scenic.

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William III of Orange (16501702) and Mary II (16621694) Born at the Hague, November 4, 1650, William III of Orange was the posthumous son of William II of Orange and his wife, Mary Stuart (daughter of Charles I of England). Virginia Beach Map Educated at Leyden, he was kept out of power until 1670, when the pressure of war with France caused the Dutch to accept him as their captain general and then stadholder, a position that had become hereditary to the Orange family. William quickly showed himself a skillful and dedicated soldier, who resisted invasion by both Louis XIV and his British allies.

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