Why You Need To Visit Croatia

Hey Hey Hey Bobby how you doing good it’s currently 7 a.m. I’m going up early. Because it’s an early start. Because we are going to be failing around 3 hours. So please good viz yes firstly I a as II say this probably say it wrong though, and as you can see we’re still docked here if you missed yesterday’s post this is the only restaurant on the entire island it’s probably the only building on the entire island I like how the one building choice was the restaurant that’s what you need, and we’re just chilling here with our coffee the Sun is just peeking over there’s a few other yachts to the pot yes it is I hear Bruno putting on some eggs I think, I’m just gonna sit here have my morning coffee maybe go for round 2 have some breakfast, and then we’re just going to cruise this is so relaxing you probably gonna hear me say that the entire week, I’m still on the yacht Jeff swam out, and set itself on the beach I might join her a little bit later seriously guys how clear is this water, I’m just sitting here in the bay the boats are just chillin there the music is pumpin this is this is amazing to come to our stop for the day we’re on the island of this which is like an old war military base we’re going to go check out a submarine hole just soon, and then limit is chilly I enjoy the weather we’re going to go for a bit of a dip hats, and lunch, and then we’re going to park, and actually explore this island which is going to be awesome. So you can do that like after lunch I think it’s so beautiful I love it the water is so clear here I can’t wait to go swimming let’s let’s go to me we are currently inside a like a submarine I don’t know like a garage you could call it during the water park that submarines there we are going to go on a tour later on to tell you more about us. But insanely big, and it’s Chronicle going under the thingy going through it these submarines must have been. So huge to be able to fill up the space having lunch served as ads of the day yeah, and you look like such a let’s say luck if you have the stripes on yeah welcome to the town of this everyone this is where we’re going to be pretty much spending the next night. So yeah we’re going to on a tool it’s going to show you the island going to be a bit more adventurous I think we’re going to hire up some jeeps, and they’re going to take this around which would be fun. But how beautiful does this town look got all the yachts in.

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But a fresh fruit market is here might pick myself up a little snack it looks good this car has the perfect paint job for Croatia that’s awesome yeah now to get out thank you I just got to our first stop on the tour we come to a four for George, and apparently George referred who was a mad Kings after the sport, and you think with so much history it was built during the Napoleon wall if you deserve it nope instead it is a nightclub, and they actually setting up tonight for ultra festival which is a things the drum, and bass festival. So David Guetta Armin van Buuren Tiesto all of them are coming down, and literally just performing in this old-school Ford there you go George the third good old Mad King can we just say how much you don’t look like a tourist right I will admit it even though it is so historical it would be pretty cool to come to a festival here yes I can look at the nightclub man can I see your ID please just come into one of the military tape just through here instead to bring you back memories of Vietnam through the intervening family drama they’re not really good you gotta call 311 outside here we are guys did you guys become violent guys is a little bit windy. But we just made it to the top of this, and all that tears the 600 year old church just here at the top or. So there’s just these lessons that what these letters are. But that they’re just there in the corner is really really fascinating, and then you can see it’s just. So small that it you can fit maybe 10 20 people max is that a young name oh I think it’s do not hear the man if you try it on your bias tonight is the night all boats are coming together we’re going to meet I think there’s maybe eight votes in our crew about, and we get to meet everyone, and I’ve had a lot of of the accents.

So, I’m excited to go I mean maybe some fellow Pantheon’s within a lunch night I think they said yeah fun tonight a bunch not as in pizza Pete rum punch piece, and punch Monday night I will need white RIT we have had the punch we are not having the stock can’t you two go to the blog yeah. But like that is a no okay. So this is Peggy these are the New Zealanders that we’re doing without to me, I’ll K we we got Peggy Peggy Peggy yo-yo I need to see if I can get all the name hi this is Rachel oh I got that it is a pop on Instagram okay, and then we have panel oh we got Hannah at this idea, and of course we have Brogan which we’ve introduced you before, and we have mm we recognize who are you, and then we have a logs over here hey nice to meet you all can we have one more cheers. Because that is how we do even say four of the trip we started the morning little bit of a swim is there a lunchtime Bruno is currently cooking up a storm yeah, and we’ve just been active sunbathing all the other boats have stocked up on this little tiny beach skills of sunbathing quiet let’s do shots oh my goodness what have you cooked that’s very nice it’s not looking good like a stuffed capsicum yep or yes bell peppers are cooler in New Zealand do they call them capsicum yeah, I’m courgette or zucchini either all right oh really we can not use courgette I don’t even know what the thing is I saw it on the menu as you can see series out there flying the drone it is so beautiful in the weather is awesome today welcome to Surrey grad everyone we’ve kind of come in a bit early it’s like 3 o’clock probably the earliest part we’ve done. So far to means we probably have a bit more time to explore, and show you around we do have some activities planned for the afternoon which should be fun, and up until then. But like all our skills may be revoked, I’m sponsoring it yeah it should be good how you parents do it I just had a nap all that is probably the cutest one we’ve stopped out.

So far here is so – that’s like what I was expecting when I was coming to Korea this is the biggest spot sorry Grodd I think means old town these old town yeah, and I think they were saying that this is one of the oldest towns in Croatia it’s really cool, and tonight we’re we’re going into UNESCO site they said that it’s like a farm, and the defense will think that’s around is 2,000 years old wow that’s so cool, I’m going to try to Facebook a very gross toy, I’m already kind of also do that burn you got the fan favorite the jury good he convinced me to try the ogre, and it is really good I’ve got the Nell Eric all right let’s make go in for the niku lot guys we just walked around the town it’s a very small town. Because than the other ones we’ve been through. But sir – stop, and say while Croatia honestly is so beautiful this is the Croatia I think that besides Dubrovnik of course. But this is like this small Croatia oh it kind of sold me on the country this is what you come for this town is just. So beautiful like wow just look at this the old buildings it looks like the walls are made out of cobblestone.

So nice. So the girls were traveling with found out that just as being marathon in gilmoregirls the entire trip if not the entire just last month through the little treats away oh wow well would anyone like some Christmas I’ve already had four machines I love Christmas please enjoy, and I love SIA Christmas I love the view for sure okay we’re going on today this is the winery that we are at we’re currently doing a wine tasting the first time we had taken pictures. But it was extremely strong as gifted gave it away this is so beautiful hi, I’m your host and, I’m going to tell you something about this place okay thank you very much you got your cute hat for the one tool I doing everything they’re about to try has it made right here in a very spot accusingly olive oil the bread the veggies can be leave, and get everything sorry we’re going to be trying yeah that’s the extra version. So you don’t have to be Oh God ready good one is only main oh sorry great the only places where we can get these great, and I do apologize. But okay fine fine it’s an Oracle, I’m so bad if I date right that’s why you want sophisticated enough of it that’s the issue I need to learn from a girl looking lovely lovely ladies miss when they do be hey buddy all right we got a bit distracted from the wine tasting just found out they had animals piggies chickens, and what’s in there really yeah thank you hey Bruno you need to point somewhere to the right they looking in everyone laughs okay little, and come.

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