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The next major mountain is Mustagh Ata, which we also China map kalmar skirted, passing little Lake Karakol and getting good backward views of the main Lake Karakol lying China map kalmar between Kongur and Mustagh Ata; a vibrantly blue ldke fed by gigantic glaciers coming down from slopes hidden by heavy cloud. Peter was keen to see how far we could go along the road, and I let him persuade me not to leave the truck just yet. On our way up the pass after Mustagh Ata we got hit by a snow-storm. Visibility outside was nearly nil and snowflakes blew in through the door frames. The cold was intense. My rucksack on the back of the truck was getting soaked in snow, so I brought it into the cab and we sat with it across our knees.

A strange look passed across Jeff’s face. He pointed to the sloping grounds and electrical lines, “I often get … and I’m feeling it now … a sense of dizziness in here, but those lines do put off high EMF.”

I took out my EMF reader and again moved to the electric lines. Just like before, levels remained very low. If Jeff had found high EMF readings before, today that was not the case. They were completely normal. Whatever was causing Jeff’s sudden dizziness had nothing to do with high EMF.

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