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Opportunities for volunteer work are more abundant in Eastern Europe than in other areas of the continent. Habitat for Humanity and Peace Corps placements, for example, are not usually available in Western Europe.

ONLINE DIRECTORIES Umbrella website bringing together various international ser vice organizations from around the world. Provides extensive listings of service opportunities. Searchable database of opportunites around the world. Allows organizations around the world to advertise volun teer opportunities and events.

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The best time to dive is at low slack water. This is another very good dive site, with an 8-metre cliff wall going down to 15 metres onto a stony bottom. Again, the current is very strong as it runs east-west along the curving wall face and into the narrow gully on dive site (1) on the ebb. At the base of the cliff wall there are the remains of an old ship’s boiler. Over the years we have found quite a number of small artefacts among the stones and close to the boiler. Most of them are half-buried and difficult to notice without a close inspection; there are locks, keys, hinges, broken cups and we even found a whole sugar basin stamped ‘Hull, Leith, Hamburg Steam Package Company. Who knows what else may lie buried around the boilers? The top of the reef has lots of little gullies and crevices under the dense kelp forest on the seaward side of the Callers. A fair number of grey seals swim around the surface and there is a good selection of marine life to be found on the bottom. Visibility is usually very good in the summer months after a few days of westerly winds and dry weather. Large shoals of coley and individual large pollack are common in this vicinity too.

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