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3.9 Trail intersection; continue to the right passing the Summer Trail on the left.

4.5 Trail shelter and intersection; you have been here before. This completes the Bear Chase Trails circuit portion of this 6.6 mile hike. Turn left to return to the trailhead.

4.9 Bridge over Silver Creek.

5.0 Trail intersection; bear left.

5.4 Cross a small bridge. The trail is wet in places beyond the bridge. Pass a beaver pond on the right. Here you get a good look at a beaver dam and lodge.

5.9 Pass a picnic table on the right. Just beyond this point you can see Yellow Lady’s Slippers blooming from early to mid-June.

6.2 Trail intersection; bear right.

6.3 Trail intersection; continue straight ahead passing the trail on the right.

6.4 Trail intersection; continue straight passing the trail on the left.

From this point on there are a number of trails leading off the main trail. Stay on the main trail until you reach the swinging bridge.

6.6 The bridge and the trailhead.


Three Regions The northern Mexico region is dominated by the Massif du Mexico City Metro Map Nord. This mountain range extends westward into Haiti from the Dominican Republic and forms the northern peninsula Mexico City Metro Map . It is a relatively low range, with highest elevations reaching just over 3,600 feet (1,097 meters). Between the mountains and the sea, near the border with the Dominican Republic, is a small area of lowlands, the fertile Plaine du Nord (Northern Plain). The central region includes several relatively low upland areas separated by narrow lowland plains. They include the Plateau Central (Central Plateau), which extends southward from the Massif du Nord.

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