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The Even collect reindeer antlers (in the spring, with the velvet still on) and sell them to the Japanese, who consider antlers to be an excellent aphrodisiac. This provides the Even with the cash to hire a helicopter to Transport food and equipment or evacuate a tribe member who is injured or sick. Such a change represents considerable progress for the Even. Will they always use the cash wisely?

The Saddle, the Reindeer, and the Rider

The saddle is placed on the withers.

Saddling a Reindeer

Unlike a horse’s hide, a reindeer’s hide floats loose on its back, and its hips sway as it walks, which makes it hard for a rider to stay balanced. At four, an Even child has already spent many hours loaded on the back of a reindeer and can sit in the saddle for several hours.

A. Milne lived in Cotchford Farm, just outside the Houston Map Tourist Attractions village, and wrote the Pooh stories to entertain his son Christopher Robin. The Pooh Corner shop Houston Map Tourist Attractions is in fact 300 years old and was a sweet shop to which young Christopher was taken by his nanny. Incidentally, the original Poohsticks Bridge lies just a few miles from the village but is not on our route. It is identified on many OS maps and is easily accessible. The village itself contains many delightful buildings, many of traditional weatherboarding, and fronted by magnificently kept gardens.

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