So excited to be sharing this experience with, you right now. I’m currently in Demeter which is a Federation of spiritual communities Wow yes it is a group of 600 people that have their own culture arts music school currency, this is a really magical place Bob Mendoza has a vein the goal was to create a community where all the values where really, you send people he knew nobody really different kind of like oh my god oh my god hey yo who is all these patterns that, you see here on the floor represents a dynamic meditation that, you can do to improve certain things in your body such as the just should sleep. And beautiful eyes.


So special can, you feel like right in. I felt yeah. I know.

I really loved it which is kind of like speaks to a lot of things that they do here, it’s all about your own personal growth your own personal spiritual learning experiences. So yeah we are in the house. And without, you the of the temples.

And for us a living creature that managed his own energy in order to achieve some mission here just entering the temple of humankind is truly begin enter places like how, you can use. And all this rock here would all shits out by hand it makes the August all these people here are members of seminarians that live here. And on the wall represent struggling then music in those periods of time o invention we’re in the song of the labyrinth.

So although mosaic represent the all the different types of religions. And faiths. And God all around the world there’s literally representation for everything movements the labyrinth the labyrinth of the world revolution the problem world knowledge.

And they naturally. So, this is why it starts on the site here will protect the attention. And then we have two linesmen restaurant o trying to find or, you see something Egyptian in the temple it means only one thing that there is a secret passage into alive is because, you are one at the beginning of Darwin the people was not knowing anything about love.

And they were thinking that down universe is very real Egyptian cards we were at that time having this big big secret upon the temple ready. So we decided to take advantage of these prejudice because, you know what will happen when someone. And Prejudice if they find confirmation of their president they don’t look me.

And if you Robert, you know. I was fourteen years ago they were passing not understanding that were something sequence like we are in the football of water now. And behind me.

And all around me is 12 languages. I ever get locked in yeah oh my gosh we got a little bit no one get through that no one is gets redone no no never no never no yeah wow it is art. And crafts time first off.

I think we’re making commune cultures. And then the stew are, you can discover really McDonald what, you think this yeah. I kind of do that.

I can, you must be Molly with, you use our sculpt recession. And now we’re going to do a blog yeah they’re like they’re getting the one, you got my cat love okay freeze cat. ?

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