Urban Honolulu Metro Map

Follow what is an excellent track north-westwards through the Urban Honolulu Metro Map woods of Philliswood Down, passing a memorial to what one assumes is a German pilot, then Urban Honolulu Metro Map drop down quite steeply, swinging briefly north-eastwards then just west of north, and emerging from the trees. You shortly arrive at a T-junction of tracks just north-east of Buriton Farm, turning left then almost immediately right onto another track. This proceeds north-westwards, and soon arrives at the corner of an area of woodland with paths forking right, into the woods, and left, round the edge.

Your way is left, keeping a thickly wooded escarpment to your right, and proceeding north-westwards. You then swing slightly west of south and embark on the stiff ascent of Pen Hill, following a steep but reasonably wide track westwards. The views from the summit of Pen Hill are fantastic, and you can be forgiven a few moments to pause and enjoy them -and celebrate the fact that you are just about halfway! Continuing westwards, you come down off Pen Hill and shortly arrive at a crossroads of paths.

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