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Now. I know, you know the building that is strictly driving ah, it’s a Coliseum yes one of the most recognizable buildings in the world what most iconic buildings here in in Europe.

And won the seven wonders of the world, it’s kind of a big deal she’s got a big deal. So we’re gonna go into it we’re gonna walk around it don’t learn nothing about it now all this all this can see here it was the backstage of the building they couldn’t organize anything without having a backstage it was all covered by a wooden floor on top of the wooden floor that had nine centimeters of wide sand of Sahara why that kind of sand because tell us the best absorber for the Bloods they were actually refreshing the sand a few times a day because of how many fines they had during the day the main element was a surprise imagine that this was the floor of the arena they had about 50 trapdoors they could off animals. And gladiators at any time of the day from different corners of the of the place then the late events there were the main events the gladiator fights who are these guys they could be either prisoners were slaves or volunteers free man for the first two categories for the prisoners in the slaves the special price after seven year contract was the freedom they could be the next coaches of new generations of gladiators for the volunteers the special prize was the fame the money.

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And the women because the women they used to go crazy for these guys they were the superstars of the time. I know what you’re thinking, you have this burning desire to watch the movie Gladiator with Russell Crowe. I feel yeah now.

I wanted to point out the building behind me here for a minute because. I want, you to take a look at the white marble, this is what all of the red. And brick ruins used to look like those be covered in a white marble like that now what, you see on the facade of the Chavez family at the moment was actually something they designed in the Renaissance although it was still built on the point of the ancient Roman aqueduct coming into right when, you look at it you’re going to see, it’s an absolutely phenomenal world.

And the fountain, it’s amazing don’t freak out about the wasted water. So Mitchell before is all coming from underground. So, it’s all natural, it’s not being wasted by any means whatsoever the tradition here the meaning side it is what ninja guitar oh boy to find obligate Mary divorce or married Italian what you’re about to see is the second oldest freestanding complete building anywhere in world right this building.

I love 2,300 years old, but they still to the state do not understand how they built it all they know that that mentions of this building a purpose, you say why take a look, but stop, you guys here because. I’m behind, you at the fountain beautiful fountain. I started story behind it as well I’m.

So, you can see if you different answer letters for gentlemen that each one of those figures. So one without representative of crisis main groomer that monster grow there’s also one that represents a package of silver one that represents Ganges. And one that represents the Nile.

I don’t know this, but over 20 tween 20 to 30 thousand people visit Vatican Museum or back in the holiday samosa does it amuse, you nor know if you gotta see why because there is people everywhere welcome to st. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican you. ?

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