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The theater is part of the upscale Ballantyne Village and has taken the moviegoing experience to the next level to fit with its surroundings. New releases and the odd independent film are shown at the five-screen theater. The real draws are the amenities like reserved seating (for an additional charge) and beer, wine, and upscale concessions. Of course with all of the gourmet restaurants right outside the theater doors, it’s hard to save room for popcorn.

16751676 King Philip’s War rages in New England. Serbia Map King Philip, a native leader also known as Metacom, upset with biased colonial policies and the Serbia Map encroachment of English farm animals in Wampanoag hunting lands, begins a series of raids, which soon escalate into full-blown war. Other Native Countrys, not necessarily acting in concert with Metacom, succeed in destroying several English towns and pushing the line of settlement back. The tide of the war turns dramatically when the Mohawk join the side of the English (thanks to their relationship with New York), and the Iroquois’s participation is another major factor in deciding the war for the English. Metacom and his allies are fighting on two fronts, and, in 1676, Metacom himself is shot by a fellow Native Country, acting on behalf of the English.

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