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In this pamphlet, he maintains that the colonists can only Bangalore Metro Map be taxed by a legislature that represents them, and he bases this proposition on provincial charters, Bangalore Metro Map common law, and the British constitution itself. Otis also asserts that black men are entitled to the same natural rights as white men.

It is true in fact and experience, as the great, the incomparable Harrington has most abundantly demonstrated in his Oceana and other divine writings, that empire follows the balance of property. ‘Tis also certain that property in fact generally confers power, though the possessor of it may not have much more wit than a mole or a musquash: and this is too often the cause that riches are sought after without the least concern about the right application of them. But is the fault in the riches, or the general law of nature, or the unworthy possessor? It will never follow from all this that government is rightfully founded on property alone. What shall we say then? Is not government founded on grace? No.

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