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This man has been strangely carried about by Dmons, from Manila Subway Map one Witch-Meeting to another, Matt continued, “Emory if you’re here and really depressed and sad … we can’t understand what’s happening to you unless you communicate with us; and we want to help you even if it’s just to talk to you.”

After Matt’s words, the previously high EMF levels began to dissipate moving from 5.2 to 3.4. Believing the energy may be leaving, Matt began a new series of questions hoping to pull it back.

“Did you feel like you let down somebody?” EMF went up to 4.2 then dropped to 4.1. It repeated this pattern through a series of questions that were centered on family and children. We found it rather interesting that EMF edged upward to questions we knew to be true and downward to questions we knew were false.

Normally, minor EMF fluctuations would be dismissed. In this case, however, they appeared to coincide with specific questions. We would have to pay very close attention in the review process to see if any EVPs were captured during this time.

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