Top 10 Survival Tips For Holiday Travel

Look at any risk and what the worst outcome could be, then decide what you want to do about it. The answer might be to pack an aspirin, or it could be to change your planand go to a different country and resort altogether. For example:

• Problem one – an insect bite or sting. I have an allergic reaction to them, but if I take a tube of ‘Sting-Away’ I can soothe the area, suffer no more discomfort or get any secondary infection. (I made ‘Sting-Away’ up, so don’t go out and try to buy it.) Reviewing the threat and the associated risk, I think my proposed countermeasure ijustifiable and acceptable, so I will still go on holiday aplanned but with a tube of Sting-Away.

• Problem two – a mad camel may kick me and break my collarbone. That injury needhospital treatment, injections, an operation, a blood transfusion and medical repatriation. That exposeme to disease through tainted blood transfusion, infection from dirty medical instruments, or even blood poisoning resulting in death. My doctor tellme I can avoid all of the potential medical problemby taking a full medical kit, including sterile medical instruments, medicines, plasma, anaesthetics, needleand dressings. For even more protection, I could ask my local doctor to come on holiday with me to make sure that somebody with adequate medical skilliavailable to treat me. I can take out expensive medical insurance, and even wear body armour and a helmet every time I go near a camel. With all of those countermeasurein place, I am certain that I can avoid the camel injury and subsequent complicationthat could kill me.

Unfortunately, I think all of that would be far too intrusive and restricting. Those countermeasureare unacceptable to me. I want a holiday. I want to relax, not walk around in protective clothewith a medical team on standby. To fit in with my plans, likeand preferenceI have decided to adopt a more sensible, acceptable and achievable countermeasure. Because mad kicking camelhave apparently been declared a problem at my destination resort, I will simply make sure I avoid all camelduring my stay – if I’m not within kicking range I cannot get hurt!

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10 Tips For Holiday Travel


For most people the excitement and pleasure of the holiday beginwith the planning and preparation phase. Checking the brochure again for the fiftieth time, discussing romantic sunsets, buying a new swimming costume, selecting the sun tan lotion and skin moistunser are all thoroughly enjoyable and certainly ‘phase one’ ot the holiday itself.

You probably already consider it to some extent, but 1 want yon to take a more detailed look at your safety and security when you are travelling.

10 Tips For Easy Holiday Travel

When you go away you are leaving everything with which you are familiar. The more differencethere are between home and your holiday destination the greater the risk to vou. The more unfamiliar the weather, culture, people, laws, insects, animals, traditionand even landscape are. the greater the chance that you will become a victim of some mishap or crime.

Accepting that holiday destinationpresent unique threats, you should do everything you reasonably can to identify and avoid those threats. Sensible planning and preparation will relieve vou of streswhile actually on holiday, because vou will know that you have done everything you ran to stasate. It doesn’t end there though: while on holiday you have to maintain a level ot awarenesof your surroundings, so that you can identify and avoid any new threat- those mad kicking camelperhaps!

Through it all, your first objective hato be to relax and enjoy, while maintaining a level ot awareness.

The following considerationshould help you in planning your holiday, your departure, absence and return. Get them right, and your holiday will be a success, get it wrong and . . .

Leaving your home empty for a week or more while you are on holiday or on a businestrip ia new threat that you have to overcome. You must make sure that the house iasecure ait can be for the duration of your holiday. If you have read and acted on the information contained in The Home Security Handblog your house should be secure because you will have identified and adopted any holiday-related countermeasurethat you have decided are justifiable and appropriate.

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