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Hey guys today we are going to be skinned a pedal boating then we’re going mountain biking which should be awesome we’re gonna be biking down a steep mountain toward the lake when I was a kid I would be out biking, and with my sisters for literally eight hours sometimes how or why I do not know. But that’s what I was doing for a lot of my childhood. So looking forward to having fun biking in a long time, and we have. So many more adventures for the next few days now we are going to go mountain biking I’ve only been mountain biking once, and that, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t mountain biking. Because it was in Florida which is very flat state there absolutely no mountains there riding in the back of a pickup truck right now that’s how we’re getting to the mountain biking we just rode up the mountain basically in the truck which was super bumpy down the mountain we have come up to the top of the mountain, and we are kind of standing in the cloud right now remember you about to go rock climbing. So I have my gear are you scared marry I remember Wow so much fun is so hard, I’m second time especially.

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Because just my fingers, and my shoulders had no more strength left. But it was so fun here at the sight of more Mayan ruins in emj Guatemala is one of the first capitals of the country there’s Livio up to his usual mischief there’s no one here Olivia do you realize that ultraman’s we know where someone ourselves besides us oh okay you can just run across the fields toward the room like a bottom like a lamb butterflies don’t rub Oh. So this is a map of the Mayan Empire, and it really gives you a picture of how big it was there is chichen itza where we were in the post a few weeks ago, and we have traveled, and flown to guatemala, and all that time we have stayed in the Mayan Empire we haven’t even left the Mayan Empire. So that’s where we are now all that distance was ruled by the Mayans. So that was our adventures for the week, I’m really tired. But it was so fun hope you guys enjoyed the post, and thank you so much for reading.

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