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Another man swapped a hard-boiled egg with me for China map counties some tobacco. Several of the market stalls were selling dried fruit so I bought a quantity China map counties of dried peaches, apricots, and raisins. The raisins were the sweetest I’ve ever tasted, almost crystalline. There wasn’t much else for sale – few vegetables, though the radishes were the size of large carrots. Under Mao’s regime, market trading was banned as being a capitalist idea. The communist economy could not admit to being lacking; shortage reflected poorly on the Party.

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48 cm, 50.8 cm and 81.28 cm with a 66.04-cm stroke (12 in., 20 in. and 32 in. with a 26-in. stroke). Akers Mek Verk at Christiania manufactured the machinery. She also had a 43-ton quarterdeck, a 64-ton bridge deck, 5-ton deck housing and 19-ton forecastle.

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