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Many airline websites offer special last-minute deals, although some may require membership logins or email subscriptions. Try,,, and (For a great set of links to practically every airline in every country, see

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17021713 Queen Anne’s War rages between the English and Best country in the world to visit French. As during King William’s War, New York is the most vulnerable of England Best country in the world to visit ‘s North Country colonies, with its frontier abutting French possessions in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence regions. In 1703, the Assembly orders the construction of two roads one to Connecticut through New York and Westchester Counties, the other across Long Island to East Hampton. Similar projects for the Hudson River Valley are envisioned for the future. 1709 For the first time, the Assembly orders the issuance of paper money to act as the colony’s circulating medium of exchange. 1710 Lord Cornbury is replaced as governor by Robert Hunter, who will be replaced by William Burnet shortly thereafter. 1711 The City of New York’s Common Council establishes the city’s first slave market with its declaration that all slaves for hire should, for employers’ convenience, congregate at the Wall Street Market. By the early eighteenth century, over 10 percent of the city’s population will be enslaved, and the figure will reach 15 percent by the 1720s.

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