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3221 N. Davidson St., 704/342-2556, HOURS: Daily 11:30 A.M.-2 A.M.

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The claim to fame at Solstice is the patio, which is the largest in NoDa. The space is long and narrow and the patio is towards the back of the bar, so it’s often overlooked by first-timers. The crowd is a little younger here than at other bars in NoDa, but like all other hangouts in the arts district it’s a casual neighborhood bar. The food isn’t impressive but the drinks are cold and the service is good.

The legislature will first meet at Fort James in October and Newark Metro Map issue the Charter of Libertyes and Priviledges. The document provides protections for individual liberties, as well Newark Metro Map as formalizing the prerogatives of the legislature. Dongan and his council approve it, as will James the next year. It will, however, never become the royally sanctioned law of the colony, as King Charles II will begin a reorganization of colonial administration in 1684 that will take a significantly different direction from that outlined by the Charter. 1684 The first intercolonial conference with Native Countrys takes place in Albany, at Thomas Dongan’s behest. Present are delegates from New York, Virginia, Maryland, and Massachusetts, as well as representatives from various Iroquois tribes. 1685 After the death of King Charles II in February, the Duke of York becomes King James II. Concurrently, the Lords of Trade meet and reconsider certain colonial charters, among them New York’s. Acting on the recommendation of the board, as well as on his suspicion that the colony is moving too far out of the royal ambit, James II officially revokes New York’s charter on March 3.

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