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We drank tea, the saltiness and the watery globs of Shenzhen Metro Map milk tasted good. I showed them my photographs; it was a shame I didn’t have Shenzhen Metro Map a picture of a Western red-head. Like most Kazakh women, their faces had a full and womanly quality, accentuated by their broad foreheads and high cheekbones. Home was a spacious round yurt with embroidered cushions and floor rugs, some so old they were only held together by their embroidery. There was something in yurt life which appealed strongly to me. Perhaps it was the warm hospitality of the old metal stoves with a kettle keeping hot on the hearth to replenish your tea whenever it is finished, or the attraction of a life which flows with the seasons.


Big Annie tried to reassure the crowd without success. Mrs. Shiver began to play the piano hoping the music would calm the people, but their fear was uncontrollable. Cries and screams were heard as scores tumbled down the stairs and were crushed by those tripping over them

The shrieks and wails of the living were mingled with the screams of the dying. The whole mass turned and lifted in a struggle to exit the stairway. Bodies piled upon bodies extending 30 feet up the staircase and nearly reaching the ceiling. Those that remained alive couldn’t move and were barely able to breathe. Most suffocated while others were crushed to death. In their crazed state, few thought of using the fire escape to reach safety.

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