What You Need to Know About Guardrails in Construction

There are several essential tips and tools to recognize when it comes to keeping construction workers safe. From understanding how to properly run heavy machinery to always wearing a hard hat while on site, it can be a dangerous profession, so caution always needs to be paid. A critical part of a construction site, especially when roofing work is done, is the optimally safe guardrail.

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Guardrails are required for those construction sites that have steps, landings, platforms or any accessible roofs. The general rule is that if there is a difference of 30 inches or more between an upper and lower surface, there must be a guardrail to keep the workers safe. Falls are frequent, and too often devastating, injury in the construction industry. Guardrails keep people safe.

Remember, guardrails need to be correctly installed to be considered efficient. OSHA professionals will see that your site is safe, but it cannot be safe unless the construction equipment is properly used. Workers are made vulnerable to dangerous and even fatal accidents that can even cause your company to incur hefty fines and high insurance premiums.

A guardrail must be at least 42 inches above the level space when it is up to code. The IBC, or International Building Code, says that a guardrail should be properly in place unless there is another system installed that is up to code and protects your workers from falls. Other options for fall protection on a construction site include safety nets, monitoring capabilities, and warning systems.

It is essential for construction companies to consistently make sure that their fall protection is both up to code and made of quality material. It will make no difference to follow height requirements if the guardrail is unable to handle the weight and the work that needs to be done. The IBC defines the strength of a guardrail by how much it can process as far as a structural load. It must be able to handle stress and force. Whenever a company feels as if their equipment is lacking, it is time to order an industrial removable safety rail system that works.

Just because construction is one of the most dangerous industries does not mean it has to be haphazard. Everyone in this industry deserves to go to work each day and understand that they are safe and will come home to their families each night. It is crucial that all construction equipment is installed and used correctly to help the entire operation run smoothly.

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