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Best Day in New York

Hey New York I woke up, and it was snowing it’s the first thing that I saw outside my window, and as you might know from another posts trying to shield the camera here I haven’t seen snow in eight years, and it’s so pretty. But it’s so cold. So, I’m gonna go get coffee now just came inside from the cell, and now, I’m going to I guess wait until it stops snowing, and and go back hammocks, I’m back out it stops snowing.

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So I went to midtown and, I’m going to just wander around a little bit walking around New York the colon is not as bad as I thought it would be about 35 maybe warmer just and, I’m actually out in New Reno, I’m gonna try, and find a museum around here to go to walking, and I come to a museum that is also a library amazing library is absolutely amazing you’re not supposed to date you just got out of the library and, I’m so glad that I just kind of stumbled upon it, and decided to go inside it was so amazing, and it’s kind of weird that I ended up finding it, and going in here. Because it was the perfect place for me to go it was actually the personal library built by JP Morgan, and he was a traveller, and lover of books, and reading, and build this magnificent he was also in the stock market, and very involved with I know that I don’t really talk about it here. But I am actually in the stock market that’s my job I trade perfect me to find you hello hi guys how are you we had the Empire State Building his blue right now.

Because I just met her in the Starbucks we met my chance, and I also met this one lady from France Helen yes, and she gave me a French lesson, and impromptu French lesson, and then I just went out to dinner with her yeah go Enzo chick-fil-a we have really good time it was like three hours yeah oh my God look the color no we have we live here oh yes just walking around with new friends yeah, I’m back from my day of exploring in New York, and I just had the best day today um as you know I started out in the snow then just walking around Midtown was amazing. So after I got out of the museum I just decided to go into another coffee shop when I was ordering in line the lady in front of me was speaking in French and, I’m trying to learn French. So I kind of ended up sitting next to her, and I just you know asked her are you from France, and from that we started talking, and she actually ended up offering to give me a French lesson, and she asked me to help her with her pronunciation in English even though I told her that I loved her French accent, and that she should just not bother, and her name is Helen, and she ended up being the most amazing person she actually lived in Paris during World War two, and she is Holocaust survivor she had to wear the star walking around the city as a young girl, and she was actually put in a camp for ten months, and just all of the stories that she had she was just absolutely amazing to talk to and, I’m so glad that I met her from there her favorite barista who knows her, and who also speaks French came over to say hi to her when she got off work, and from that I ended up becoming friends with her as well um her name is Katie, and she is the amazing interesting just just.

So special she’s just gonna go. So far in life she’s just the most amazing beautiful person and, I’m so glad that I met her I suddenly have all these friends in New York, and friends that speak French I now know how to order coffee in French in every detail, and it was just such a good day, and just. So many things happened, and coincidences like finding that library, and meeting, and then this the best day, and now, I’m just gonna edit, and work on some of my posts I will see you again in the morning. So good night.

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