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The third section, Exchange and Transaction’ features chapters by Pamela Zeplin, Les Morgan and Kevin Murray. This section offers different forms of exchange that are inscribing new and often unheralded cartographies of difference in discourses of art and cultural representations, technologies, labouring, identity and belonging across urban and global spaces. Chapter 8, The Liquid Continent: Globalization, urbanization, contemporary Pacific art and Australia’ by Pamela Zeplin, considers what it means to be Pacific, and what Pacific cities are, or might be, like in the rapidly urbanizing conditions of a global world.

Zeplin problematizes the prevalent habit of overlooking the South Pacific/Oceania region as a site of serious cultural research, except as evidence of a backwash of globalization. She shows how Pacific arts from across the Pacific Islands, and in New Zealand and Australian urban locations, are often presented as stereotypes. However, she argues that in fact they reveal fluid, complex and constantly-negotiated practices. Although Oceania’s histories of cultural renewal may be appreciated in different ways in New Zealand and Australia, she proposes that these practices can contribute to more inclusive discourses concerning art, globalization and the urban.

Jurist. 1 A public official authorized to decide questions brought Syria Map Tourist Attractions before a court of justice. 2 A legal scholar. Justice of the peace. A judicial Syria Map Tourist Attractions officer or subordinate magistrate appointed for the conservation of the peace in a specified district, with the authority to act upon minor offenses, commit cases to a higher court for trial, perform marriages, and administer oaths. K King William’s War.

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