Hey everyone we got the we got the I can’t really see all – its Scratchy mm-hmm we kind of got the Hollywood office Sony’s yay, I’m a very scratchy Bobby be cool kid we’re just walking down Sunset Boulevard heading to our first to live here in LA, I’m gonna do a bit of a historical walking tour see some of the old paths get in history. So we’re pretty excited for that cause always like getting down on the streets in this world places he sees to be Warner Brothers Studio chesley why you. So we just got back from the walking tour it was really fascinating for us.


Because we love movies, and since we just got to Hollywood we’re able to you know get a bit of a history of where Hollywood came from how it started where all the movie studios like Warner Brothers, and paramount started, and it’s just all down this half-mile strip, and we got to see also wins TV studios like NBC, and as well as like where Motown started all of you might not find it interesting. But we were fascinated in it movies you love movies yeah. So it took up mostly afternoon we just got back. So we’re pretty tired. But might just have a bit of a snack, and yes he well still do my home after a long day of walking around the streets he was having a nap he heard me. So tired, and I feel lazy I guess you’re gonna walk around when we walked around no it’s 10:00 to 5:00 well thinking let’s go to the shops. But no I bought this now that we’ve have a lie-down show me your best double chin.

So we had our nanny nap, and we’re gonna head out we made that. So let’s get out just for you guys okay we’re getting even had a chance to do that yet it’s a bit cold yeah it’s weird here in LA like you can walk in the shadow and, I’ll be freezing cold you come out the shutter, and it’s boiling like a son makes a nice little miss I thought that Chris chill in the air who’s nice that no used to work things like some in Australia, and that was fine Hawaii we’ve got some comfy jumpers, and now hey. But chilly go Nell oh yeah, and I know that as we go higher it’s gonna get colder colder even though it’s like going into spring really excited for tomorrow. Because we’re going on the Warner Brothers back love tour yeah. So to get to see where they post like Ellen, and Big Bang Theory, and of course they have some sets set up there like Harry Potter. But we don’t a sit shared too much. Because we don’t actually know too much about it.

But um yeah it’s kind of cool seeing like where Warner Brothers Studio started today hearing the history about it yeah, and then we’re gonna go see it tomorrow that’s going inside the studio tomorrow. So thanks for reading tonight guys yeah bye.

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