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You could easily spend a weekor moretaking in all of the major sights in Charlotte, but it’s also possible to experience the highlights in just two days. Stay in Uptown for the easiest access to the rest of the city. It’s possible to explore Uptown on foot or using public transportation, but you’ll need a car to explore the outlying neighborhoods.

NEARBY ATTRACTIONS: Wildling Art Museum (art of the American Tianjin Metro Map wilderness); historic buildings in Los Olivos and Ballard; Clairmont Farm Lavender Company; Quicksilver Miniature Horse Tianjin Metro Map Ranch. LORING WINE COMPANY Brian Loring has pursued an obsession with Pinot Noir since the early 1980s, when he worked at a wine shop stocked with great Pinot Noir wines from France. At the time Loring was not impressed with American versions of the variety. But one day he literally tripped over a case of Pinot Noir from Calera Wine Company, tried it, and liked it very much. He contacted winemaker Josh Jensen, who proved to Loring that first-rate Pinot Noir could be made in California. He vowed to open his mind and palate to domestic possibilities in the coming years.

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