Arlington Restaurant and Diner US Map & Phone & Address

138 Massachusetts Ave. Arlington; (617) 646-9266

Just over the border from the republic of Cambridge, here’s a bustling little Greek diner where the waitresses ask, What would youse like? Of course, they bring it out quickly and it’s all good stuff.

Everything looks good here. For breakfast try one of the many interesting omelettes, like the Popeye, filled with spinach and mushrooms, or Eggs Muckonos, with feta cheese and tomatoes. These range from $2.95 to $4.50, and they are hu-mongous. They come with home fries and toast natch.

For lunch the Happy Waitress Special ($3.95) is an open-face grilled cheese sandwich with bacon, tomato, and French fries, slaw, and pickles. On Fridays, try a cup of homemade clam chowder ($1.75). And, along with Greek and Italian dinners, Mine liked Chicken a la Arlington Diner ($8.95) which consists of chicken breasts, broccoli, and ziti sauteed in white wine, garlic, and butter. Pretty fancy for a diner, but the cozy place pulls it off. Don’t forget to check out the homemade ba-klava and other desserts, either. Open daily.

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