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Greetings from Tokyo Japan standing just outside my apartment here wanted to step outside to this, and people cooking inside I don’t want to be too loud. But I just wanted to check in, and give you guys an update of what’s to come here on the blog I’ve been a little sporadic with the uploads that’s. Because I’ve been traveling across Japan getting as much quality content for you guys as possible and, I’m just about ready to start cooking up this Travel Japan series as of May 12th. So next Friday there will be the first post in the series, and then every week after that until I run out of content.

Travel Japan Trailer Photo Gallery

So I want to give you guys a little peek at what’s to come, I’m very very excited about this series this has been an incredible trip thus far, and hope you guys enjoy it as always if you haven’t already commentd to this blog for new posts every single week every Friday like I said leave a comment as to what kind of stuff you want to see from Japan, and also give it a big thumbs up thanks guys hope you enjoy check it out Oh Oh haha Oh you.

So here we are in the cat cafe very interesting weird on my chopstick skills to pop it dumped a lot of right hand sushi in my face not. So far look it’s got a big puddle here konichiwa.

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