Bordeaux France

Hey guys welcome to my chateau just chillin at my chateau in the French countryside, it’s pretty impressive Ashley it is pretty messin.

So yeah right now we are making our way from Paris to Bordeaux. And we stopped here for lunch. And the it was a chateau.

Bordeaux France Photo Gallery

I said. I’m gonna stop I’ll stop there oh, but basically, this is a very famous. I was used for like walk most cars.

And all this stuff, but most importantly it was the inspiration for beating the beasts Castle face castle yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. I know. I should see it nice.

And put two two together, you start to see it. I really really really want to break out this Disney song right now, you don’t need to understand what is holding me back right now these people where are, you. And the embarrassment that come to break me out well.

I buyed, you. I’m talking to a camera. I am talking to a camera.

So breaking out into Disney song while talking to a camera, it’s really not that big of a leap up the crazy scale ah guest be our guest put our service to the test time macaroni Cherie. And will provide rest due to your hot hors d’oeuvre well we only live to serve try the gray stuff, it’s delicious George believe me ask the dishes they can see dance after all miss, this is France. And the dinner here is enough second best come on would, you yeah.

I tried to find a dining room and. I think, this is the closest. I got to it.

So there, you go. I hope, you enjoyed that already that example of what. I was telling, you guys about the beautification process that was taking going on in Europe generated, you on the first day.

I can’t help it the scaffolding look at that end of the Cathedral that’s the color, but the entire Cathedral was before they cleaned it. And that’s what they’re doing to all the big churches buildings. And monuments that all over Europe, you see that looks absolutely brand-spanking-new like a couch is being built right doesn’t look like it could be a thousand years old almost some other things Bordeaux is, it’s wine, it’s a huge huge one region.

So that’s what we’re having we’re having Bordeaux superior. I don’t know what this. I don’t know the different types of bread, but good very good yeah wine in Bordeaux Boston.

And now, it’s done thank you. So wandering the streets here in Bordeaux. I’ve discovered one.

And very important thing that people like to eat a lot of food here everywhere all the time because, it’s like 11 o’clock at night on a Wednesday. And every restaurant is open. And there are people eating everywhere always gracious.

So Kristen absolutely craziness how. So. And we’re just try not to get lost my back room, this is my school.

I’m a garbage man are false what, you were trying to escape these guards man we run into them like four times, it’s really bad okay macaroons. I’m waiting to hear okay, it’s critical first of all you’re on a way to Barcelona right now. And trainings only when we get to Barcelona I’ll be grading just love Bordeaux.

I can’t tell, you what they are basically accepted. I don’t know how this happens to. I said three Lars look at this little arm system and.

I mentioned turn all three. And they’re all like a financial assault was like five minutes half hour like this even intervals. So I’d have to turn each one off like after 30 minute.

I don’t know. I don’t know how maybe the old password. I just want to tell, you that we have found some, but rooms oh, it’s tiny small Aaron else my breakfast.

I’m like that doesn’t matter because, you got a macaroon. I’m going to try it me baby let’s see sweet pastry welcome to the medieval fortress of Carcassonne, it’s quite a bit of a difference from the Chateau vinaigrette yesterday. So, you just stop here quickly to take a look at this amazing medieval fortress here in the South of France.

And get a bite of eat bird get a bite to eat this would be so much cooler if there was a moat here still. ?

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