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The Post-Duvalier Era (1986-present) In Pakistan Subway Map 1987, a new Haitian constitution was ratified. It called for an elected president and bicameral ( Pakistan Subway Map two-chambered) parliament. It also provided for a prime minister, cabinet, various ministers, and a supreme court, all appointed by the president with the consent of Parliament. As history has shown time and time again, a huge gap often exists between a country’s constitution and the reality of its government. On Election Day in November 1987, for example, government troops killed as many as 300 voters. The political leaders had orchestrated the murders so they could cancel the election and stay in control.

When asked if the second spirit would come forward, Jessica’s video camera battery suddenly failed. The trio focused their attention on the wheelchair as the questions continued.

Again, based on the K2 response, it seemed this additional spirit had entered the area and was communicating with them. These two spirits were related to one another, mother and daughter. The reason the mother and daughter remained together was their closeness and love for one another.

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