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On the balcony with their heads overlooking the temple yard are Taiyuan Travel the real stuffed skins of a bear, bison and antelope, their horns decorated with coloured Taiyuan Travel cloth streamers. But the animals are not well stuffed and their shapes are distorted. And around their eyes the skin is pulled back which gives them a demented stare.

Incense towers were smoking. Small birds were pulling out scraps of wool and red cloth to take for their nests. A monk and a boy began to make music with a drum and cymbals, while the boy chanted words from pages that were wooden slates.

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The only drawback is the ferocious current near the reef top on the ebb or spring tides where the force of water is strong enough to purge your valve and pull your mask off. Obviously it is best dived at low slack water but it is possible to dive on the flood as there are no down-sweeping currents to worry about. Once over the edge of the wall, the strength of the current dies off and you can literally go anywhere. The ebb tide, though, is different: because there is so much water welling up over the reef from the deep water, it is impossible to move against it. It is also at this point that the ebb flow hits the Crumstone and swings seaward (northeast) along the reef wall for about 500 metres before turning north again. The bottom of the reef wall is a collection of boulders leading onto stony seabed. It was from this position that two Seaham divers went adrift during heavy weather in the 1980s. Any surface swell combined with a big tide causes the sea literally to boil just after the drop-off and it was these same conditions in which the pair went missing. A full-scale search and rescue operation was launched, involving RAF helicopters and RNLI lifeboats. They had almost given up all hope when, two days later, the two divers just wandered ashore at Boulmer, ten miles down the coast, and alerted the authorities.

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