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There were other deaths at the Arlington, at least seven that we identified. Are their spirits lingering at the hotel? That answer remains a mystery. The evidence collected during our investigation with Mid Michigan Paranormal Investigators opens the possibility of paranormal activity at the Arlington Hotel. Future investigations might eventually reveal exactly who or what remains.

Story Seven: Harry Bennett Lodge

Lost Lake Scout Reserve 4930 Lake Staton Ave., Lake, MI Password: hpr2010 Investigative Team: Hauntings Paranormal Research

It was a perfect winter day in Michigan as we turned onto the ice-crusted road of Lost Lake Scout Reserve. The sun was shimmering through the pine trees, reflecting off the glazed snow. Driving past the welcome center and small cabins dotting the tree line we finally arrived at Harry Bennett’s Lodge. The lodge and scout reserve rest on nearly 3000 acres of forest.

This weekend Kat and I would be investigating the very remote cabin and hunting lodge of one of America’s most powerful and ruthless businessmen, Harry Bennett. In the early days of the auto industry, Harry Bennett was Henry Ford’s right-hand man.

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