Datong Metro Map

One cloud has a house on it, and I saw Datong Metro Map many flying devis, mostly in human shape, though a few with chicken legs and wings Datong Metro Map , flying with streamers of colour trailing out behind them. A red devi with gold outlines glittered in my torch’s beam.

Some frescoes depict scenes from the life of Buddha, or pictorial lists of his incarnations. In many cave entrances the door guardians, painted or moulded, keep vigil against devil spirits, often standing on the snarling pug-faced demons they’ve caught.

Various frescoes give insight into the people’s lives, with scenes of men hunting wild animals, battles between armies, soldiers on horseback wearing medieval-type armour, looking like knights at a jousting tournament; peasants tending silkworms and labouring in irrigated fields; and murals of paradise with musicians, artists, scholars and pilgrims flocking to Magao, where many stayed to dedicate their lives to the glory of Buddha. The dynasties that created this mass of artwork spanned a thousand years.

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