Map Of Shawlands Glasgow

100 West George Street

Sculptor: Callum Sinclair (1990)

This beautiful cat is hidden away over the lintel of the Royal Bank of Scotland building on West George Street. It has been surprised in the act of reaching down to play with the ball supporting the pediment beneath it.

Map Of Shawlands Glasgow Photo Gallery

38-42 Renfield Street 117-21 West George Street

Apollo and Night and Morning Allegorical Figures Sculptor: William Birnie Rhind (1892-4)

Apollo, standing proud on this French Renaissance style building, is holding a lyre and torch, and accompanied by the figures of Night and Morning, casually reclining by his side. The corner towers feature relief panels of winged female figures supporting the arms of Scotland, England, and Ireland (with a harp, pictured). The block stands out due to the varied and inventive nature of its sculpture programme; critical reaction to it, however, was mixed.

34 West George Street

Portraits Roundels, Industrial Scenes, and Associated Decorative Carving

Sculptor: James Young (1898-1900)

The Connal Company’s building features some of the city’s most extravagant design. From West George Street, you can see faces from Glasgow’s industrial history, including William Dixon, original owner of ‘Dixon’s Blazes’, whose blast furnaces would light up the Govanhill night sky until its closure in 1959.

Sculptor: James Young (1875-7)

A Caryatid is a term used to describe a female figure serving as a support, much like an Atlas, the male equivalent. The scantily clad figures emerge from pillars bearing various decorations, including the arms of Glasgow.

36-62 Bothwell Street 87 Wellington Street

Masks Representing Different Regions of the World

Sculptors: McGilvray & Ferris (1891, 1898 and 1901)

This Later Renaissance-style commercial building, built in three stages, features a number of profile heads and masks representing cultural items from all over the globe. The pictured masks are of an American Indian in full headdress and a bearded man with a turban; others include a crowned female that may possibly be Europe and a pharaonic head with papyrus plants.

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