Damman Subway Map

When I walked this section in summer 2002, there was Damman Subway Map no signpost here but the route of the South Downs Way, and our Best Village walk, Damman Subway Map does indeed turn right here, heading north-westwards towards Windover Hill. You continue to climb on a clear path, and can now enjoy tremendous views to the sea, both to your left and the right; the houses you can see beside the sea to your right are at the eastern end of Eastbourne. As you continue, however, the best views to the sea are to your left, with glorious downland scenery in between.

You continue to follow the South Downs Way, swinging from north-west to north, then more resolutely north-west again. The actual path is very narrow, but the way is obvious, and you will undoubtedly prefer to remain on the springy turf. Almost without warning the ground falls away dramatically to your left and you find yourself describing a rude semicircle round the top rim of a very steep grassy hillside with a dry valley beneath known as Tenantry Ground, swinging south-westwards.

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