Christmas in Dubai

Hey guys packed all of our stuff, and we are ready to leave the cold of New York behind Livio is ready on time for once we are off to Dubai hello guys from Dubai I am here, I’m so excited to be here I had a really good flight coming here I flew with Azerbaijan airlines out of New York for really cheap the ticket was like less than $200 amazing, and I was kind of skeptical as to what azerbaijan airlines would be like they were actually super awesome they were giving us so much food office light actually they were feeding us. So often there was so much food, and so much juice, and tea, and coffee, and everything inserts, and snacks they delivered that I didn’t need to have to have to sleep on flight. Because we were just eating like the entire time serious I didn’t really expect there to be Christmas here.

Christmas in Dubai Photo Gallery

But apparently it’s a big big deal remember where we met. So good to forget about you walking around the arena area of Dubai right now I met up with a friend it’s pretty I know tile hills are warning, I’m like a completely no speech, and we see camel. So good to forget about you it is actually Christmas Eve right now we just had a coffee out don’t think this is focused hello it’s Christmas in Dubai walking around this amazing mall what is it called it’s gone city wok there’s lines on the ceiling it’s kind of like a time we’re almost into buying all these lights screens everywhere thank you we’re just walking around, and having a good Christmas together yeah our first Christmas together I know time heals our sweep Oh. So good to forget about you me like lesser scale. But there’s like a hail in here, and everything, and it’s really beautifully decorated for Christmas hope that you enjoyed seeing my adventures in Dubai, and there are more coming up. So please like, and comment thanks for reading bye.

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