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What just happened?

Checking our watches, we were surprised to discover more than an hour passed. It had seemed like minutes.

Sounds were heard outside. It was the other team arriving from their investigation of the Willis Log Cabin. The side door opened and Jenny peaked through with Bev and the others close behind. According to Jenny, the log cabin had been pretty quiet.

Standing L-R: George, Kat, Jane, Susie, Jenny, Lisa, Scott Seated L-R: Bev, T racey, Ray

We shared the strange events in the barn with everyone. Jenny, Lisa and Sue vowed to return, which they did 20 minutes later. It was quiet for the first few minutes until Lisa’s questions began.

“Did you get mad at Kat when she called you a coward?” A distant rap was heard.

“If that was you could you do it again? Kat called you a coward. She told you that you were afraid.”

Jenny asked, “Did that upset you. Did is upset you when she was talking to you like that?”

Lisa, “You can answer our questions by knocking one time for yes and two times for no.”

Jenny asked again, “Did that bother you when she spoke that way?”

Seconds ticked by, then it came, one thunderous bang. They jumped as the sound reverberated through the empty room.

“Oh my, God.” Sue whispered.

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