My Trip to Delhi Travel-Proof Makeup Routine

Hey so. I am up getting ready for my flight to India today country number 50.

I’m really excited, but before. I get there. I have a 20 hour long travel day including a 15 hour long flight to Delhi.

So to kick start my India adventures. I’m excited to announce that Revlon is sponsoring this post as. I’m gonna be testing out their color stay long-lasting makeup line for this very long day in the air.

And then another very long, but exciting day exploring Delhi trouble can be quite hard on makeup. So. I’m always looking for products that are trouble proof.

My Trip to Delhi Travel-Proof Makeup Routine Photo Gallery

So first thing this morning. I’m gonna quickly show, you how I get ready for a long haul flight now.

I always wear a subtle makeup when I travel because. I feel like it keeps me looking refreshed.

And put together even when I’m not feeling refreshed after being on a plane for. So long.

So this line is perfect because it lasts for up to 24 hours first. I’m using the Revlon Colorstay foundation in 200 nude for combination. And oily skin then I’ll set it with a bit of pressed powder in light medium for my eyes.

I will use the Revlon cream eyeshadow in 745 cherry blossom I’ll then draw on some eyebrows using the color stayed brow pencil in soft brown I’ll then add a tap of Revlon powder blush. And a baby pink. And bronze beauty.

And top it off with the Revlon make a multiplier mascara in blackest black to finish the look. So this will be my look the last all flight all right to the airport. I made to the airport.

And. I’m currently waiting to board our plates a long line because, it’s gonna be a full flight, but that’s okay because. I could stand for a little bit cuz I’ll be sitting to the next 15 hours.

And it gave me some time pick up some snacks that is it very bright light we have dinner very 50 we are the airport that is currently waiting for luggage one two three so. I made it to India country number 50. And.

I’m really excited to be here as, you can hear. I got to experience my first Indian adventure Delhi rush-hour traffic experience now my makeup as, you can see still looking good 20 hours later clearly trouble proof my hair my hair on the other hand so much it look a little bit worse for wear.

I think. I’m just gonna have some water trying to stamp a little bit longer to combat this jet lag hey. And yeah we have a super exciting day ahead of us in Delhi today but.

I wanted to do a little morning get ready with me so. I’ve picked out a super fun exploring Delhi outfit. And.

I’m gonna do some makeup to match. So first off to cover up some of my blend ship. I’m going to use the Revlon Colorstay concealer in light medium then I’ll use the Colorstay foundation in 200 nude for combination oily skins then I’m going to set it with a pressed powder in light medium I’ll now do a subtle neutral eye using the Revlon Colorstay 16 hour eyeshadow palette. And decadence then I’ll do my eyebrows with the color state broadcast. And don’t forget the wax to hold those in place next.

I’m going to use the Revlon powder blush. And oh baby pinks as well as in bronze beauty to just give me a little bit of contour next. I’m going to add a nice neutral lip using the overtime 16-hour lip color in fair maximum.

And finally I’ll add a mega multiplier mascara in blackest black alright. So my makeup is done as, you can see, this is the final look it is a very neutral look that’s what. I kind of always go for those neutral color itself.

I’m ready to go bold. And go explore all the amazing sites of India there’s two parts of Delhi Delhi. And New Delhi no old alley was prompted by the locals from Mongolia.

And Delhi was designed by the British since our first stop it is the spice market we’re gonna go look at all the various spices. So all the chaos is wholly understand over here because le is the capital of India. And over romantic stop that registry which is inbred spices along with.

So right now we are in the jameh mosque. And in these large small in all of India it was built in the 7600. And as, you can see, it’s all made of red stone.

And white marble. So right now. I’m at bumble if.

I eat it is a Sikh temple here in Delhi. So. I’m going to look around.

And then we’re gonna head into the kitchen which. I’m gonna explain a little bit more about that, you are, you can come. And get rich bored in your religion by people that volunteer rich poor all right so.

I just got back to my hotel room. And. I’m about to get ready for tonight so.

I actually don’t need to add anything to my face because my makeups held up pretty good throughout the day was about 30 degrees plus outside. And the busyness of delis so. I had haven’t needed to add anything else or stop because.

I wanted to maximize my time taking all the posts. And photos for, you guys so. I can definitely say, this is travel proof all right.

So, this is my look tonight. And. I’m going to add a bold spicy lip to match India Delhi realistically up today.

So. I’m going to use the colors tape overtime 16-hour lip color always alright really good literally some of my best food. I’ve ever had it with the foolish son.

I think. I am going to head bed goodnight guys. I hope, you enjoyed exploring Tully with me today.

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