Hey everybody we are going on a bit of an exciting trip we are jumping on this train get of the Indian Pacific, I’m going to be going right across Australia. So can we stop in Kalgoorlie Adelaide Sydney’s gonna be really fun also getting a little bit spoiled it’s a luxury train. So it’s going to be really enjoyable okay.


So we’ve just left birth, and we thought we’d show you where we’re going to be hanging out for in the next four days we are in room 11, and 12 there’s little ones on the train he’s so cute we’re come into it I feel like we’re going to Hogwarts. So have a little seating area here which also turns into a bed, and then another bed is up here. So with a little bunk bed on bed class like rest of this room oh, and then we have a little desk for Steven to do some work, and a nice big window. So we can look outside, and see Australia driving by, and we also have our own bathroom like a toilet, and a shower, and little amenities, and stuff which is perfect, and we got little like keep our little fancy jackets, and then was cozy keep us warm say of scale out of 10 how excited like, I’m like to have it then especially. Because we get to go see some cool places we’ve never be you know how many min to Adelaide before yes we miss back breakfast as we slept in I know let’s go look for some at the snack, and let’s enjoy this view Oh. So we’ve officially made ourselves at home we both have our books steven has officially started on the Harry Potter book we got ourselves a couple of cheeky takeaway coffees of course of course, and just. So beautiful did you guys see like the flowers I know that was so beautiful it’s like. So distracting to try read if you just want to like look at that if you could. So nice taking some time off work to relax this is gonna be the most relaxing four days all right guys we’re now trying to find my lunches it’s gonna walk down this train it is a very long train jess has ordered us for a yummy vegetarian tart, and she is so funny right now looks good anyway Bub’s Cheers oh my we need a Cheers and, I’m loving just standing out here in the corridor reading the sunset we thought we’ll show you where we’re going on this trip we’re gonna be spending a few days yeah this is like the bottom of Australia. So we started in like Perth, and we are somewhere on the way – kalgoorlie fun fact I used to live in this little place called Norseman just here, I’m actually really excited go back to Cal Poly, and that’s a great australian bight right there oh yeah that’s pretty much the Great Australian Bight which we use to roadtrip some time, and then the first major stop will be Adelaide which we both never been to it’s a state we’ve never been to before, and then we’re going to continue on to Sydney. So the sunset is happening. So we decided to head down to the lounge have a bit of a drink.

So we can enjoy the sunset nice is the loungers feel real fancy right now sounds boardgames watched the sunset the colors are now looking extra beautiful buck, and I play checkers and. So long we had to read the rules oh. So bad it was like it was basic game. But we forgot the best day of my life bonteri ravioli the main result for dessert ice cream again, I’m probably okay the 18 needs to stop now no okay stop stop here we go thank you welcome to Kalgoorlie everyone we thought we’d go for a little bit of a nighttime stroll around the city to have a quick look, I’m very excited to be here they used to live near here, I’m very happy this is going to be a little nostalgia trip for me to end in I. So totally is a mining town. So we’ve come, and checked out some of the mines hence these gigantic trucks look we just caught it the mine. So we caught it Kabuli oh how cool is this oh you look like a stream rock us to sleep well the last time we caught a train literally had the best night’s sleep yeah laughing rocks to sleep like a baby general put your railings up oh thank you.

So I don’t fall out anyway I hope you enjoyed our first day here on Indian Pacific we’re going to be on here for a total of four days three nights, and we are hitting for that. So we will see you guys tomorrow if you new here hit comment, and hit like if you enjoyed the post thank you guys.

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