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A kannushi priest in ceremonial costume at Hirano Shrine.

From the excitement and pageantry of its plentiful festivals to the timeless Zen calm of its sacred temples, the spirit of Kyoto emanates from a rich heritage and deep pride as Japan’s imperial capital for more than a thousand years. Kyoto’s confidence in its unparalleled history and traditions is further enriched by the vital energy generated by ongoing education that flows steadily from the city’s abundance of colleges, universities, training schools, and cultural centers. Kyoto’s dedicated teachers insure a resilient spirit and resurgent energy will ultimately achieve a crucial balance of historical legacy facing the challenges of modernity.

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Kyoto’s ethos is reflected in the artful arrangement and detailed attention afforded every aspect in daily life: the fresh flowers at a neighborhood shrine, the elegant presentation of cuisine for both visual and culinary delight, the precise rituals of the city’s legions of monks, gardeners, tea attendants, Shinto priests, and skilled craftspeople. Even shopping chores amidst Kyoto’s historical markets and generations-old shops can seem a spiritually enhanced adventure. The spirit of Kyoto nurtures its residents and inspires the Japanese people throughout the archipelago, while touching the lives of perceptive visitors from all over the world.

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