Kunming Metro Map

This was the site of old Shachow, already a ruin Kunming Metro Map when Marco Polo came this way 750 years ago. If you are going to explore desert Kunming Metro Map you need a camel. I managed to rent a large old animal to make an excursion to a crescent moon lake. My saddle was a thick, straw-padded mat with two lateral poles and a quilt thrown over it all, and the bridle was simply a nose-peg and rope. The camel kept growling, graunching and trying to stand up during saddling. So I learnt the command Zuo for sit down and sit still.

EMF levels began to fluctuate. Matt asked if a presence was trying to communicate with him. It seems that it had.

We listened intently as Matt continued to call off EMF changes and then levels went flat. As Matt tells us, the previous night he had a dream in which the name Leonard came up. He felt it might be related to this case, so he asked, “Is your name Leonard?”

The whispered response, again the word “Satan.”

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