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No one sat in the throne chair behind the group. Tangshan Travel Suddenly they all stood up, put on their cloaks, sat in front of the throne Tangshan Travel and began to chant in sonorous voices.

Taking off their hats one by one more of them joined in, and the old abbot took his seat on the throne.

One voice chanted a solo prayer and the rest took up the chorus. Some Tibetan pilgrims kneeling to one side of the courtyard joined in with them. Different people sang different chants and the whole blended together into a round of pulsating sounds.

Duluth-Superior Harbor

The Duluth-Superior Harbor is a good example of an estuary, or drowned river mouth. This estuary exists because of a difference in the rate at which the earth’s crust at the eastern and western ends of the Lake Superior Basin rebounded after the last ice age.

With the advance of glaciers from the north, the earth’s crust sank under the tremendous weight of the ice sheets, which were a thousand feet thick in places. As the glacier filling the Superior Basin retreated from the Duluth-Superior end of the basin, the crust began to rebound very slowly. Meanwhile, the eastern end of the basin remained under the weight of the glacier for one thousand years. Only when the glacier had retreated further north did the east end of the basin begin to rebound. By this time, though, the rebounding at the west end of the basin had slowed. The rebounding eastern end, rising faster than the western end, pushed Lake Superior up the mouth of the St. Louis River, drowning it. If it were not for this geological event, the Duluth-Superior Harbor would not be the world class harbor it is today.

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