8 Best hotels in Playa de las Americas Tenerife

In the next few minutes a clear answer to the questions. what are the best hotels in Playa de las Americas? For this post I read reviews on the over 30 hotels in Playa de las Americas and picked 9 of the best once. After visiting these hotels in real life, 2 did not live of to what was promised online, and 7 were indeed offering great quality holidays. So don’t always believe the reviews you read online. Let’s have a quick look at the 7 hotels in Playa de las Americas you can book today and make sure you have made the right choice. Do know that all of these are in very different price categories so don’t try to compare them with each other. The hotel H10 Conquistador is a big hotel located right in the center of Playa de las Americas, on a for Playa de las Americas pretty quiet street but still very close to all the shopping, party and dining this area has to offer. It is also located right next to the sea promenade.

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The hotel H10 Conquistador is ideal for a family holiday with some great pools, many on site restaurants to choose from and a dedicated children’s and teeny club. The Parque Santiago 3 is an apartment complex in Playa de las Americas, kinda build around a shopping center. That is great because surrounding the pools you have loads of places to eat and shop. Its also close to the nice beach in this area, so a great location. One of the reasons this place is so popular most likely as well is because it is one of the best budget options available in this area. I can definitely advise the Parque Santiago 3 for people looking for an apartment located centrally and close to the beach. The HD Parque Cristobal is a unique place in Playa de las Americas. There is nothing else like that here. It is made up of little bungalow houses all set around some nice pools and a very family friendly atmosphere. There is great entertainment for the entire family from kids to adults.

The HD Parque Cristobal is ideal for families looking for a holiday with a good entertainment. The hotel Sir Anthony in the Mare Nostrum Resort is an excellent place to relax. The hotel itself is kinda tiny, in a good way. It has a very relaxed and personal service. All the staff as well were very friendly and helpfull. If you are looking for a chilled out holiday in Playa de las Americas, the hotel Sir Anthony is a great choice. The hotel Cleopatra Palace in Tenerife consists out of 3 different buildings Cleopatra Palace, Julio Cesar Palace y Marco Antonio Palace and is part of the Mare Mostrum Resort in Tenerife. All of these are in a typical Roman style with big marble columns and statues. Its a very unique style and also in a great location close to all the nice dining and shopping in this area. As an added bonus it is also right next to the beach.

Before I move on to the next great hotels in Playa de las Americas, please feel free to click that like button at any time! Also if you own, run or manage a hotel that you think I might have overlooked, then please get in contact on hotels.. If your hotel has great online reviews and a dedication to quality holidays, I will promote your hotel completely free. The hotel Europe Villa Cortes GL feel very classy and authentic. There is a great garden with relaxing pools and great surrounding. The whole hotel is best described by me as a classy, upscale hotel that kinda feels like a very large Spanish hacienda. Everything feels very fresh and airy. There is also a nice beach club right outside next to the sea, if you want to further relax. Europe Villa Cortes GL does a great job at offering a relaxing holiday with a grandish Spanish vibe. Spring Hotel Bitacora is a great family hotel in Tenerife.

It is located in the quieter backstreets of Playa de las Americas. It offer 2 great pools as well as some water slides and loads of kids friendly activities. Also they have a nice big playground and miniclub for all the kids. In the day and nighttime there are activities and shows for the entire family. So I hope this post helped you. Just know that one of the reasons I selected these hotels was the great value for money, to make sure you have the same experience and don’t overpay, have a look on the website right here where you will see the price comparision and find out what company currently has the best price for these hotels.

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