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m. and there were still three more hours of daylight China map of Chinape left so Peter and I put our baggage at an inn and went to explore the town China map of Chinape . The truck-driver went to join some of his cronies at another inn. The town centre was dull and crowds of people gathered to stare at us; the people are tall and carry themselves well; their faces were narrow and handsome. But I noticed some surly, suspicious stares, and even had the uncomfortable impression that we were being followed. So we twisted and turned through the back lanes until we had lost any escort, then went for a walk along the edge of town.

Waving her off, I made my way back to the car for more batteries. Fortunately, fresh ones did the trick and within moments the digital recorder was up and running. We both returned to the area where Jacob Crouch’s grave site was said to be.

“Mr. Crouch, are you here? Can you tell us who killed you on that stormy November evening?” All was quiet except for a sudden rush of wind across the graveyard. It swirled around us before dissipating.

After several moments, we walked to the Holcomb grave site. “Susan, did you really kill yourself?”

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