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1356 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester, (617) 287-9746 Vietnamese food can be quite an unusual experience for first-timers especially those who, for instance, prefer their meat with all the fat trimmed off. That’s what makes Pho Hoa one of the best of the Dot Ave. Viets; the broad menu of this national chain caters to every taste, including the tender-tummied novice.

Mine, who’s been touting this cuisine for years as being cheap and satisfying, charged in with an order of pho tai, gau, sach\ the popular noodle soup came in a huge bowl, flavored by coriander and onions, with slabs of lightly cooked eye round steak, fat brisket, and tripe. The feast was delicious, although not everyone will care for the brisket and tripe. A more Western choice order would be from the menu sections labeled For the beginner (tender, leaner cuts of beef) and A little bit of fat (much less than the other dishes); or one of the many rice plates ($4.50-$5.25).

Soups come in two sizes, best described as large ($3.85) and extremely large ($4.35), and are served with a small plate of bean sprouts to mix in, plus a fresh lemon drink. Do

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