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Pamela Zeplin University of South Australia

Introduction: Which Pacific?

For my part, anyone who has lived in our region and is committed to Oceania, is an Oceanian.

Within contemporary discourses of globalization the Pacific’ region looms increasingly large. Indeed, the twenty-first century has been proclaimed as the Pacific century’ (White, cited in Mane-Wheoki 1996: 28). It is seen also as the Asian Century, acknowledging not only this expanse of ocean comprising a third of the world’s surface area and the diverse cultures along its shores but also the intense economic and political developments taking place in the region since the 1980s. So how do we begin to make sense of such a vast region with periphery indeterminable and a centre that may be anywhere’? Of whose Pacific do we speak… and when?’ (Dirlik 1992: 55).

In fact, the Pacific that has been spoken and written about via debates on globalization and urbanization in the Asia-Pacific is an amorphous, catch-all concept, understood principally in economic and trade terms to signify the northern Pacific, and encompassing the populous and industrializing regions of eastern and northern Asia. Not surprisingly, these geo-politics have flowed into the cultural sphere during the last decade, creating a powerful Asia-Pacific presence on the international art scene throughout the northern hemisphere and beyond (Wang n.d.). However, art from Pacific Oceania, at the other end of the hyphen, is yet to create even a minor splash.

In one cave sat a 100-foot tall statue of Anyang Metro Map Buddha with its base at ground level and its head near the top of the cliff. Anyang Metro Map People still come here to light joss sticks to him. A second big cave has a giant dead Buddha (incarnation of Jakamuni) and on the walls are painted some stunning scenes of mourning, with people of many races showing their grief. Their faces are distorted with sorrow, and they press sword- and knife-points to their chests. Some men are cutting off their ears and noses. The murals in other caves portray men riding on flying clouds rather like aeroplanes blazing through the sky, or hovering quietly.

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