New York New York, it’s a hell of a town dust kitty.

I’m not in New York. I’m in London yeah actually. I’m in my bedroom right now, but my bedroom is in London, this is my bedroom, it’s still work-in-progress.

I don’t really know where to put, you guys yet. So you’re here for now, you might move. We’ll see.

We’ll see what happens. I have moved to London England or. I think, this is the fight for a UK, but yeah.

A LADY IN LONDON Photo Gallery

So, this is the third time that. I’ve moved countries in my life kind of crazy considering about that old, but um yeah lives in Canada moved to New Zealand. I was my first big move so.

I lived at Auckland for a while. And then. I miss LA and.

I lived in the States for a while. And now. I’m here in London good.

And. I’m gonna live here for a while awesome yeah why’d. I move to London.

I’m sure you’re all has to be this question even though. I don’t really know why said. I, you never really know where.

I am anyway. I kind of just pop up in places. So they do as a travel vlog or.

I just travel places. And now. I want to live places.

I like to change things up every. So often when I get too creative rutz I’d like to consider them and.

I just felt like. I wanted to change. I won.

I was ready for an adventure. And big London well. I said chose London was because London is very central to everything in the world.

And for travelling wise Vancouver Canada is coming in the little corner that’s not very accessible. And more expensive to get places whereas London not so much.

So let’s do the route or shall we come on come on camera got okay bud oh my goodness um walls that wall there’s a door there’s like a wardrobe there, you go looking forward with all my stuff she was dresser there’s some more wall stuff with stuff hanging our tripod that. I’m not using moment bags. And oh here we go keep going keep going this boy room um tape tapestries those left here um here other in the bed window.

And makeup stuff now, you know everything you’ve seen the entire route so much room, it’s fantastic actually, it’s a really pretty little room okay. So life plans now that.

I’m here London um well. I do have an amazing opportunity for, you guys just for reading this post Hansa yeah. I’m having a little contest not really contest.

I’m giving away a awesome contiki prize pack. So Gatica has given me a two hundred dollar voucher for a trip plus a huge swag pack of all these amazing goodies to give to one of eight, you guys that’s right one of, you reading me. So all, you gotta do to win this travel goodie prize pack is one be commentd to this blog blog blog, but if you’re already reading this probably already are to follow me on Instagram could that puts all of crazy photos and.

I want to say though. I don’t know what that was um. And three leave a comment down below.

And tell me you’re either your favorite destination that you’ve ever been to travel wise or your dream destination the place that, you would love to go to. And yeah. And I’ll pick one of, you from the comments down below randomly of course.

And I’ll get, you guys an awesome prize pack, it’s sweet, but don’t worry guys if you don’t win that prize pack because there are tons of other amazing goodies like uh free trips around Europe yeah boof trip run yeah, you guys won free shipping on yep yes everyone said yes to this, but um yeah tink is doing a Adventure Challenge for the Adventure Challenge. I helped them with it last year. I did a bunch of posts for it and.

I’ve done another one this year. So this week is my week on the image it is Germany that we’re featuring and, you guys can win crazy well there’s crazy discounts on all the Germany tours. And a bunch of the Europe tours and, you can win your own trip around Europe Germany there’s a bunch of other destinations as well, but that’s just my week that.

I’m focusing on something maybe, you guys should check it out seriously if you are looking for to do some traveling on your own or if you are looking to get a free trip possibly win a free trip seriously go check it out so. I hope, you enjoyed my room tour. And now we are going to do a house tour Oh tour.

I’m Holly. I’m one of the deans new housemates in the UK. I’m hoping right now.

I’m part of a theater collective. And we make interactive immersive surreal world. I’m currently in that building is another show is really exciting.

And, it’s called heist. And basically the show the concept is that, you get to go into the show as a creeper mate. And staged your own robbery.

So, you have to get in, you have to get your get the bounty. And get out of the building again without being discovered or caught by the guard. So yeah that’s me, but hey we should now go inside the house even though, it’s beautiful in this car it is beautiful the gun.

And that’s how I do. I get a little bit tired on the idiot move item, you through the amazing wall art in picks out beautifully by its.

And fairy lights yeah, this is something we did ourselves as a house, you feel asked to the character oh that is wonderful kitchen there are elephants we’ve got the fruit. And the saying yo yo yo, it’s a beautiful picture up here that. I think should definitely we have a smiley smiley microwave, it’s true, it’s really happy to heat up your view hallway well homemade lights hello another light no, it’s cool.

I’m there non-christmas reef which is used for many occasions not just Christmas. And then we make this light up here to out of cassette very cool mm-hmm that’s time that we don’t really take now we do want to show, you this though the alcohol, this is very useful for parties, you can see up there we also have some hats running along the top there they’re like emergency hats just in case, you come to a party at our house and, you don’t have a hat because hats are pretty important as is alcohol no party. So that’s that’s two reasons why parts in our house aren’t very very successful oh look at all this lounging it’s.

So pretty in a day. I don’t know the reason inviting Firebird gauges do, you know they do the reason behind the bubble bath cages because. I made them.

So I’ll just go just just sculptures they’ve been adapted by everyone who lives in the house we just we just have fun. And we use whatever we find. And we turn it into something with hence the headless Barbie bird cages this over here is a beautiful headdress made by here’s a burlesque dancer she has neo burlesque performer.

And her name is Lola brow. And she brings me lots of color to the household we have the fancy dress covered quite tiny we’re gonna look in there maybe I’ll put this on right now for our tour just to give it a little bit more at the end the end of our tour which is very exciting a landlord cause this bathroom the Trainspotting bathroom if you’ve ever seen that film, you don’t understand the reference personally. I think, it’s rad, it’s got a periodic table side shower cabin scientists.

And curtains for our education. I do as usual. And the wonderful LED showerhead, you have a resident duck please unnamed.

So maybe that’s a little challenge, but, you guys out there yeah maybe think of a name for the duck all right in the bedside right now. I expect full name. ?

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