I’m waking up for a sunrise surf Patrol seat there’s a little wave action I love the fall I was in Wawa yesterday, and my mom was saying that Bradley Cooper’s in town, and I see this guy wearing this blue Georgetown like a baseball cap pulled down by his brim it’s probably my height, and a little heavier than me it was definitely him in the Wawa, and I was postging, and I was gonna go up, and say hi, and feel him. But, I’m just thinking myself this guy is just getting his morning coffee does he really want to be posted. So I didn’t post him. But I was still pretty cool to see him I saw him once at the Actors Studio when I first started interning there oh my gosh it’s beautiful we’re almost there I gotta stop postging, and driving though it’s fogging up pretty bad look at this we are here there are a lot of people out here for being six o’clock in the morning, and someone even got my sunrise spot that’s where I normally watch the sunrise from that little lifeguard Shack tower jump down on the shovel what a good start to the morning, I’m gonna go grab my board head on the water for a bit just paddle around a little wave out there make the most of this warm weather, and the beach while it’s still here. Because in a month from now two months it’s gonna be fall, I’m gonna need a wetsuit to go in the water one of the best spots in the whole world to watch the day begin.


So I woke up early this morning it’s like 650 right now to try to see the sunrise sunrise that 702, and it looks like it’s all like completely blocked by the clouds. Because I kept checking like since 6:00 6:23 five or 10 minutes I would wake up, and check to see what this guy looking like cuz I really wanted to see if it was gonna be a good sunrise, and it looks like it would be beautiful if there were clouds or really less clouds. Because it’s like all just blocked off nice actually go get ready for work now. So go ahead back inside a towel rinse off a little bit of salt water my hair little giant I’m. But like it’s so nice now I say goodbye to the beach this is like the hardest part the beach is so beautiful lotta people running this morning I should have done that I should have run them the beach that’s why, I’m instead. But back to the hotel room we go I went to our house in the background all right yeah okay okay this is one second this is Bubba’s Halloween costume he is a cow complete with utters yes I can see his brothers, I’m gonna stand over here.

So you can get the back wrap okay I feel. So bad for this poor dog no you can’t put that on him nothing ha ha ha guys are you really gonna make him wear that when kids go trick-or-treating he does hate it back from the beach we went surfing for a good mother for 3 hours just about now, I’m back at the house, and finishing some things doing some wash everyone’s about to head out, I’m gonna take a nap. Because I’ve been up since 5:30, and my mom insists they’re gonna head to the bay, and do some stand-up paddling. So, I’m stuck at home with monster let’s go inside come on yeah we’ve been shooting in there’s our clothes more clothes shoes makeup area here, I’m gonna go grab some food hello hey, I’ll see you maybe in a month or. So you can keep sleeping if you want, I’m sorry if I ended the nap early my brother just took a little catnap with Bubba, and packed up what was that oh there’s a bucket and, I’m heading out now to go to my dad’s house for a little bit, and have some food, and I ride my bike there well I could take the scooter. But I don’t think Gary would like that too much my stepdad I have to say it’s a little weird to be riding my bike to my dad’s house for my mom’s my parents got divorced when I was about 8 years old, and before I could drive I used to ride my bike back, and forth their houses are only maybe half a mile apart. So I just used to ride back, and forth, and Here I am now 25 years old visiting no car down here riding my bike to my dad’s house Hey stay stay stay no no worries you could have gone to the road fast for a little – found no worries that could have been really really bad this little wiener dog came chasing after me when I rode past started nipping at my ankles almost ran into the street this is probably the busiest street my whole town I mean you can’t even really call it a highway it’s kind of just a high-traffic road.

But poor dog we’ve got some grilled chicken some quinoa. So, I’m at my dad’s house now I don’t think I’ve ever posted here now this is the first time posting. So this is the backyard or on the back porch right now during Hurricane sandy this whole backyard was flooded, and the water went right back here through the creek into the basement down there how much water was in there like two feet about 18 inches this backyard is maybe what they four feet above sea level about next foot, and then that’s probably below yeah that’s yes of no more big storms hopefully. But we’re gonna sit down we have some dinner before I head off to the bus station back to Manhattan oh thank you for dinner, I’ll text you, and let you know what’s going on all right all right dad I love you bye all right. So we just finished up for the day, I’m heading to the airport now with Caroline to see if we can go an earlier flight get on an earlier flight hopefully good my mom’s just dropped me off at the casino and, I’m gonna jump on the seven o’clock bus. But, I’m not gonna for everyone with traveling back on the bus to New York. So next clip New York I just got back to Manhattan Viking homes through Midtown, and there’s bumper-to-bumper traffic at 11 o’clock at night tomorrow is Labor Day.

So, I’m guessing that’s why there’s so many people out by its nuts finally home 1014 I got home at 10:00, and just like kind of threw my stuff down got settled I lit a candle one of my like very specific with my candles. But they’re all like sweet vanilla eat dessert scented. Because I just think that’s the best or sometimes, I’ll get one of the like gingerbread ones or pumpkin spice Midtown was packed, and then Upper East Side is empty there is no no one on the street right now I guess it’s the holiday weekend you know people want to come visit New York. So they’re all in Times Square, and the people who live here when I get out of the city. So they’re all gone you weren’t expecting me or her much later don’t give you kiss me kiss your my retainer you said it very greasy yes okay I am greasy. But, I’m gonna jump in the shower we’re both home safe, and sound back in New York City, and then tomorrow we will start the apartment search again until tomorrow smile more worried less live your passion leave us a comment down below with your favorite part of the day my favorite part was reading the sunrise, and then reading Jessica swim in the morning known on the beach. But we’ll see you guys tomorrow good night.

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