White Temple of Thailand Wat Rong Khun Chiang Rai

Hey everybody, and welcome back to Thailand this time we’re here in Shanghai, and we come to a very beautiful temple it’s called what rank on you guys know us probably pronouncing it wrong. But we’re gonna go for a bit of an explore it looks really beautiful, and I think it’s like the main one of the main reasons if not the main reason people come to chiang rai is to check this place out what’s cool about this temple does not like an old a temple where do you say let’s go to the 19th you can’t call this a historical temple if I was alive when it was built I ain’t history yet Jessa’s gonna drag you to hell I think it’s all about commercialism he agreed, and all of that is actually a very interesting temple guys it is a super small temple I don’t even know if I we should call it a temple it’s more like an art installation. Because it’s just. So unique compared to all the other temples word of advice come early we came at noon.

White Temple of Thailand Wat Rong Khun Chiang Rai Photo Gallery

Because just how our schedule was, and if there’s a big tour bus in front of you just wait it is so much worth it just to wait. Because you’re just going to get frustrated if you guys have been to Asia you know what it’s like to be stuck behind her a tour bus geez look at the roof it’s like old wrinkly this is such a strange temple oh we have like Jack Sparrow here Captain America’s head the devil Deadpool like it’s so weird what a strange concept coming up to the hilltribe well that is actually an amazing view look at that this is so cool. So going up to the hill tribes by our project, and just stop we just got to what has to be one of the coolest projects we’ve ever been to win the hills at the moments through Anor thought island myanmar is literally right there, and just above us, and we’re gonna be staying at the akka hill tribe. So these are one of the five tribes who live in the hills if you guys watched our posts a couple of last week a couple of posts ago we mention how we’re doing construction at an orphanage which was more of a boarding school the kids who are at the boarding school live here. So they had to do the trek up here for summer let’s just give you a tour of where we are living with we’re not living with the tribe people it is so cool this is just our little accommodation yeah, I’m sure it’ll light up there’s that tree beds it isn’t that hot oh my gosh we need to get some electricity to show you guys it’s not too bad though the bathroom is cool spice is one of the coolest places I’ve stayed in Asia look at the walls yeah it’s made with bottles beasts that’s cool all this little baby chickens bye-bye thank you for thank you. So I think this is where everyone’s gonna be eating for dinner lunch breakfast, and everything, and down there looks like it’s where the kitchen is where everything gets prepared it is so big pull it up to your head haha it’s huge told you guys that they say oh my border yeah it’s one of the coolest hammocks I’ve ever seen it’s like more than what is this called more even wood oh yeah it kind of reminds me of a boat.

But then again if you sleep you’ve just come to the outskirts of the village this is pretty much where the gate of the villages, and the ARCA people they have a religion of ARCA Buddha, and Christianity mixed into one this is their religious symbol here, and this gate is very important we’re not actually allowed to cross through this gate we have to have a spiritual leader with us, and they believe that side of the gate none of the bad spirits can come in however if you are this side of the gate you’re protected by all the good spirits, and it’s so fascinating, and listening to the history of them. So the occurr people actually came from tibet they’re saying about 50 years ago the arca people came into Thailand as refugees, and they’ve been in this village for about 52 years let’s just appreciate how beautiful the surrounding areas, and now walking back into the village like only hiking through the village, and as you can see I think we’re coming into more of the main center that is really foggy out there. So you can’t see the mountains. But this is a literally their main town this is so incredible we do nothing what do you call it we’re going off the beaten track what first is so beautiful ticky, and the hill tribes you aren’t gonna find giant golden buddhas that are 65 feet high who here in the hill, and this is pretty much what we hiked up to you this is their holy place, and unfortunately we can’t go inside. But just to show you they were living very minimalistic layout here, and the tribes, and this is this would be their holy space.

So this is the little volunteer dog, and he follows with us, and he’s our little Guardian he protects us. So cute they’re currently burning to prepare for the fire season. So as you can see it is very smoky at the moment. But if it wasn’t this would be the most incredible view this is like paradise guys dinnertime okay guys you cannot say that we don’t show you both types of traveling, and then we say it’s some fancy hotel sometimes at the moment we’re literally in a mud hut on a on a mattress that is probably the equivalent of concrete we are we weren’t told to bring any blankets. So, I’m literally using Jess’s elephant pants to recover me there’s no fan, and we’ll just see how the night goes Rula we’ll see you guys in the morning for some fun adventures.

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