It is 6:30 in the morning is Tuesday March 1st 2018, and I am in Playa Hermosa Costa Rica waking up to a sunrise we were. So exhausted yesterday we were up almost for 24 hours straight we just after the ocean dip less, and we grab some food with Gary my stepdad, and then we just passed our later today I want to give a full tour of our Costa Rica apartment. But, I’m gonna walk in here now jessica is still asleep.


So we have to be very very quiet this is our place right here look who’s finally awake we woke up this morning, and the first thing that we heard was the sound of McCall, and Jessica’s dad has McCall. So I hear that noise, and I thought for a second are we in Jessica’s hometown like at her parents house shut up it was lied to wait how does it sound we’re to go grab some breakfast I wasn’t go for a surf. But I still have to run aboard. Because my stepdad draw his long stand-up paddleboard the one that I use back in New Jersey. But I want to rent something a little bit smaller for these waves these waves are really fast, and steep. So having a big board like that’s not gonna be the best. But I feel like that first day of travel you can’t really even take in where you are, and then it’s the second day when you wake up, and you walk outside, and you look around, and you see it just how beautiful the place you are is like this is this is something else we’re walking down two houses to this bar that we went to last night to grab some breakfast this is a very very long overdue shot of espresso first breakfast in Costa Rica we have some huevos tostadas, and pinto beans, and rice isn’t it weird seeing us in a tropical place it’s change it’s really strange with all the flocks I know we were just talking about that I feel like coming to a place like this is a lot more style oh you’re glad yeah life is just.

So slow here in a good way the coffee here you can’t get coffee like this in New York City very very good breakfast nice, and simple been here less than 24 hours, and I have no desire to go back to New York City at all give you a dollar if you can bang nothing oh. But oh you just don’t poke that here yeah this is Playa Hermosa black sand beach nice blue waters look at all the people out surfing already. So we’re about to get out ha going out to go pick up some food some sustenance I really want to get some like mango passionfruit, and stuff it’s just locking out what happened just now Eric almost killed me in the water did not kill you yes he did we went in the ocean for a little swim, and the waves are pretty big, and Jesse’s a really a sea creature. So I tried to teach how to go under the wave instead of through the way, and we went through the wave through the white lodge unlike this huge overhead way, and it was absolutely horrifying, and it would be like surfaced, and then I want to pull this back under, and it was horrifying.

So I was like swallowing a relic about be my lungs, and came back with your life Jessica you surprised me how can we go maybe this might be a dead end though if we get the hunka we have to go on that main drag yeah this is a dead end oh not a bad place epididymal birds everywhere we’re in downtown Jaco we’re gonna go grocery shopping first time grocery shopping in Costa Rica we’re just getting the essentials right now we have some bananas manzanas agua the huevos I was talking to Jessica about this earlier today, and I like to go, and travel to places where I feel like, I’m actually living in the place for a short amount of time you know like there’s a kitchen like I actually feel like a local rather than just passing through like even when we were in France we had an apartment with the kitchen, and all that we got groceries you know I like that we just got our groceries, and a note to anyone traveling to Costa Rica or any country other than your own make sure you know the currency exchange rate.

Because we were it was pretty awkward at the register we didn’t have enough, and we had to pay in dollars we just got back to the apartment, and we’re in the kitchen now I haven’t showed the kitchen area yet. But there is a whole separate kitchen area apart from the bedroom area here, I’ll show you a little view right now this is the kitchen area it’s pretty insane how large this place is here, and if you look out this way you go down that hallway there, and that is still all the way back there that’s our apartment after we unwind, and unpacked the food we’re going to do a tour of our apartment like I don’t even know if you can call this an apartment it’s literally the whole top floor of this surf in, I’ll show you guys what, I’m talking about we’re going to give you guys a tour of our apartment that we’re staying at we’re on the very top floor of a four-story building, and then down there there’s a swimming pool, and we’re all the way up at the top, and then this is the bedroom area when we first walked in here I was so surprised with how big this place was I look how much space there is I don’t even see anything else I just talked balcony, and ocean, and I was like well yeah this is the best part of the place this crazy first got you the screens were closed. But the doors weren’t. So this was like blowing in the wind, and it was just like the most magical thing to open is it the big one yeah I can hear that there. So this is our balcony we have a view of the surf. So you can just wake up, and check the server.

So then you go back in from the balcony, and this is another view of how big this room is then we have my surfboard I just rented that down the street it’s like a 6-3 little biscuit board TV over here we’re not going to watch TV at all when we’re here it’s kind of trinkets, and things did not shrink if those are cameras almonds here, and I was like oh yeah, I’m gonna get these the burst, and I was like oh crap almonds of F refers I kidding I feel like the crazy thing about this apartment is you could have at least 20 people stay here comfortably at least oh hello Peter towel boy first let’s show this bathroom area oh yoga poses okay Oh birds nest bird’s nest here it is huge. So you can see the birds like hopping in, and out i was reading member alley when we leave the main room it’s a big surf boy that’s not little surfboard back out into the hallway, and there’s another bathroom over here we came here we only thought that was our apartment we thought that was it, and then you walk across here on this little balcony passageway you walk over here, and there’s a whole nother room with beds, and couches this is the thing where Erica’s like oh you can fit 20 people in here cuz whether you have five in there 6 7 8 9, and 11 you know I just wish a couple more people in there if you wanted, and you walk in here, and there’s a huge kids like look how much space, and then this is the kitchen this is our little grocery haul just essentials some fruit some eggs I got this trick leches cake.

But just from the grocery store it is so good yeah, I’m gonna have a cup of iced coffee before we head down to the beach. But that’s pretty much it see all walk from one end to the other. So, I’m starting in the kitchen now then you go over here to this other room with all the beds like there are so many beds in here, and back out onto the walkway I think this is the coolest thing just having a walk way in between the departments back out into the walkway, and then back in here to the bedroom we weren’t expecting this place to be this big at all like it’s not how big this place is my first time coming down to Costa Rica was four years ago I was still in college I had no clue what was or anything like that, and we stayed two miles down the beach from Hermosa at our friend Louise house we met Louise through one of Gary my stepdads friends, and that’s how we found out about his place down here. So when we were going to travel we were thinking you know I want to go back to Hermosa, and then we contacted Louie, and Louie had a kid. So he doesn’t have any extra room at his house down the beach from here. So then we were just looking for other places, and a friend of ours from Brigantine New Jersey recommended to surf in, and now we’re here what I just opened my travel journal, and guess what’s written in there what this is there’s only one line is that I wish the pins would come to our new apartment please are some prints no this is my just I journal that I try to use as a regular journal, and then I’d never vote anything in it like talented yeah it’s getting big it’s getting really big all the guys are heading back after you, and surfing, and I didn’t have the surfboard this morning.

So, I’m going to take this out where to go down to the beach catch the sunset I have been in Costa Rica for over 24 hours, and I have still not served yet, and I have been going crazy right now, I’m about to paddle out for my first surf from Costa Rica, I’m going to bring the GoPro, I’m not sure if I put the GoPro footage in the blog just. Because, I’m planning on making a few posts after the trip you know, I’m gonna make a go pro surfing post, and then like a trip compilation type post. But, I’m about to jump in the water, and then I think Jess is going to come in, and we’re gonna frolic in the water Sun is starting to sink down the waves are picking up boards already let’s do this all smiles down Costa Rica surf down the water for a little bit just came out, and we went with Jeremy grab some dinner a couple beers I haven’t never in my life had fish like that that was wish we had ceviche Eric had mahi-mahi good what do you say you’re young relaxed time to relax Joanne oshel super chill Oh gecko baby. So lonely he likes to light little gecko that surf tonight with the Sun going down, and even just taking dress out in the water very very good second day in Costa Rica tomorrow we’re gonna adventure we’re going at South appear into the jungle. So until tomorrow ever going to remember to smile more worried less, and live your passion, and we will see you tomorrow bright, and early 5:30 in the morning, and we’re to go explore, and surf the south of here south of Playa Hermosa. So, I’ll see you then.

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